How to Participate as an Intervenor

This webpage provides a brief overview of how you can participate in a hearing process when you register as an intervenor. It also gives information on where to find details about the hearing process you apply to participate in.

Being an intervenor

Being an intervenor is the most involved way to participate in a hearing, as it allows you to provide evidence, ask questions, and respond to questions from others.

As an intervenor, you may:

  • receive all documents filed during the hearing process;
  • submit written evidence and questions;
  • file and respond to motions;
  • comment on any draft conditions from the Commission; and
  • ask questions.

It is important to know that the information you submit will be available to the public, and that any views you share must relate to at least one of the issues listed for each project.

Intervenors should understand the hearing process and how to participate in it. You can do this by visiting the View Applications and Project page on our website, where you’ll find the project you’re interested in. From this project page you can access the application and other documents in REGDOCS and the Hearing Process page.

You may also access any participant workshops that are offered online.

Where to find more information

You can find project webpages for most hearing processes on the CER’s website. The project page can be a useful tool for hearing participants as it gives quick access to:

  • key documents and information specific to a hearing process such as the hearing order, the hearing schedule, and procedural directions
  • news releases issued by the CER about the project
  • documents filed in the REGDOCS for the project by all participants
  • process advisor contact information

You can also visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with us for more information.

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