Regulatory Framework 101


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The purpose of these pages is to provide a broad overview of the CER’s Regulatory Framework. Due to the legal nature of the CER’s mandate and Regulatory Framework, the relevant legislation prevails over the content of this description.


The CER’s Regulatory Framework provides the structure around which all of our regulatory activities take place. It includes the system of laws, regulatory documents and guidance used to regulate the parts of Canada’s energy industry that fall within our scope of authority. We execute our mandate through our core responsibilities, and our mandate is shaped by Government policy, our governance, our strategic priorities, and our regulatory approaches that evolve over time.

Regulatory Framework

Graphic Description

The CER Regulatory Framework is represented by a circle graphic. The center of the circle contains the word ‘Acts’ around which the circle works, as depicted by arrows running clockwise. Acts are laws passed by Parliament that establish the CER’s mandate. We consider this to be the heart of the Regulatory Framework.

The right-hand side of the circle identifies our policy context (from top to bottom: Government of Canada policies, CER governance, strategic priorities and regulatory approaches).

The left-hand side of the circle identifies our regulatory tools (from bottom to top: guidance, regulatory documents and regulations) with a band running through the tools with the words ‘Core Responsibilities’ – i.e., the means by which we execute our mandate.

What you need to know

What we regulate

Learn the areas of energy regulation in Canada that are within our jurisdiction.

What are our legal foundations

Learn about the legal tools the CER uses to regulate:

  • Acts
  • Regulations
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Guidance

How we execute our mandate

Learn how we implement our Regulatory Framework through our core responsibilities:

  • Energy Adjudication
  • Oversight
  • Engagement
  • Energy Information
  • Internal Services

What influences our Regulatory Framework

Learn about the policy context that shapes our work:

  • Government of Canada
  • Governance
  • Strategic Priorities
  • Regulatory Approaches

How we manage the Regulatory Framework

Learn how the Regulatory Framework evolves over time.


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