Filing Manuals

Participation & Lands

The Filing Manual and Electricity Filing Manual help applicants and interested parties understand what to include in an application to the CER. While it is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant to follow applicable legislation and regulations, these manuals have been developed to provide guidance about the information we expect to see addressed in a filing.

The CER is updating various sections of its Filing Manuals to reflect changing requirements, conditions, regulations, industry practices, and feedback received from regulated companies, Indigenous Peoples and other interested persons or groups. Please refer to : Proposed updates to Filing Manuals.

Early Engagement Guide

Learn about what we expect from companies during the early engagement stage of projects that don’t trigger a review under the Impact Assessment Act.

Guidance for companies on CER publications

This page lists the different CER publications that can be used for public engagement and also form part of our Filing Manual requirements.

Preliminary Traditional Territory Analysis (PTTA)

Companies can request a PTTA to help inform early engagement. Learn what information to include and when companies can expect completed PTTA requests from the CER. 

Filing Manual

Companies should refer to this manual for guidance on how to prepare a physical project application, applications not for physical projects or an information filing.

Section 214 Streamlining Order

This order provides the Commission’s approval for the construction and operation of certain oil and gas projects that fall under the CER Act.

Electricity Filing Manual

The electric utility companies we regulate must seek approval to export electricity, construct new facilities, or modify or abandon existing ones. This manual provides guidance on the type of information we need to make a decision to issue a permit or certificate.

Hearing Notification Requirements and Federal Identity Program (FIP)

After receiving a hearing order from the CER, applicants must publish a notification of hearings. Find the Government of Canada's Federal Identity Program notification requirements on this page.