2021–22 Annual Report of the Canada Energy Regulator – IAC Progress to Date


The CER’s IAC launched in August 2020 to provide broad and strategic advice to the Board on how to build a renewed relationship with First Nations, the Métis Nation, and Inuit communities. The first year and a half of the IAC’s work focused on building the committee’s foundation: developing relationships between the IAC, CER Board of Directors, CEO, and senior staff; influencing the Strategic Plan of the CER and co-endorsing a robust three-year work plan.

The IAC’s advice has had a significant impact on the strategic direction of the CER, and its recommendations are helping advance Reconciliation within the CER’s mandate. For example, the IAC and Board have begun to co-develop a CER Statement on Reconciliation, with the support of CER staff. Furthermore, the IAC’s advice has directly influenced the CER’s Crown consultation and accommodation approach, and the engagement approach for the recently initiated comprehensive review of the OPR.

In March 2022, the first annual IAC Progress and Impact Report was released, covering August 2020 through March 2022. The Report describes how the IAC has influenced the strategic direction of the CER, building strong relationships with the Board of Directors and CER staff, working towards implementing the UN Declaration within the CER’s mandate and changing the way the CER regulates.

More work is required to ensure the advice received from the IAC is effectively implemented towards systemic and transformational change in the way the CER does its work – regulating pipelines, power lines, and offshore renewable infrastructure in Canada. The CER will continue to learn from the IAC about how it can incorporate Indigenous perspectives into every level of the organization and its work.

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