2022–23 Annual Report of the Canada Energy Regulator – Appendix D: Regulatory Framework Projects

The CER operates under a variety of acts, regulations, rules and guidance notes. The authority to make regulations, as specified in various sections of the CER Act, may be the Governor-in-Council, the Minister of Natural Resources Canada, or the CER.

Note that regulations made pursuant to the National Energy Board Act continue to apply until they are repealed or replaced, to the extent that they are consistent with the CER Act.

Regulatory Framework Projects completed in 2022–23:

Regulatory Instrument, Type, Made by, Date Published, Link

Regulatory Instrument


Made by

Date Published


Extensive revisions to:
Guide A, Table A.2 Biophysical Requirements and Table A.4 Economics and Financing. New supplemental guidance for GHG Emissions and Climate Change

Filing Guidance – Manual

Regulator and Commission

Commission approved on 16 February 2023; publication on April 21, 2021.

Updates to Filing Manuals

FAQ for Order MO-036-2022

Regulatory Guidance – Webpage


18 January 2023

Quality Assurance of Pipeline Fitting – FAQ

Industry Best Practices for Notifications to Indigenous Nations and Communities regarding CER-Reportable Incidents

Regulatory Guidance – All-Company Letter


16 November 2022

File OF-Gen 10

Letter and Order to All Oil and Gas Pipeline Companies under the CER’s Jurisdiction – Canadian Standards Z245 Standards for Components

Regulatory Document – General Order


31 October 2022

MO-O36-2022, Filing C21733-1

The Canada Energy Regulator and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Position Paper


14 October 2022

Executive Summary Report

Miscellaneous Amendments:

  • Onshore Pipeline Regulations
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations
  • Processing Plan Regulations
  • Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations – Authorizations
  • Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations – Obligations of Pipeline Companies
  • International and Interprovincial Power Line Damage Prevention Regulations – Obligations of Holders of Permits and Certificates



27 September 2022

Regulations Amending Certain Canadian Energy Regulator Regulations (Miscellaneous Program): SOR/2022-199

Financial Regulatory Audit Policy of the CER – Update

Regulatory Policy – Webpage


22 September 2022

Audit Policy Update

Extensive revisions to:

  • Guide O – Variances and Project Updates
  • Guide N – Review, Rescind or Rehear
  • Sections 1.5 and 1.4 (Electricity Filing Manual) Confidentiality Filings
  • Sections A3.1 (Supply) and A3.3 (Markets)

Filing Guidance – Manual

Regulator and Commission

31 August 2022

Updates to Filing Manuals

CER Contaminated Site Management Audits: Lessons Learned

Information Advisory


19 July 2022

CER IA 2022-001

Control of Hazardous Energy

Safety Advisory


19 May 2022

SA 2022-02

Depth of Cover in Agricultural Areas

Safety Advisory


13 April 2022

SA 2022-01

Information about the CER’s planned initiatives to improve the Regulatory Framework can be found on the CER’s website under Regulatory Framework Plan.

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