June 30, 2014 Administrative Burden Baseline

In its Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, the Government committed to build on the efforts of the Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative by requiring departments, through the Administrative Burden Baseline, to provide a count of the requirements in federal regulations that impose an administrative burden on business.

All federal regulations that are administered by the National Energy Board (NEB) that have requirements that impose administrative burden on business are identified below. The total June 30, 2014 baseline count is 1298. The current baseline count can be seen on the Administrative Burden Baseline main page.

To complete the count, the NEB relied on the three part test for administrative burden provided by Treasury Board (TBS), being:

  1. Does the regulatory requirement affect business?
  2. If so, does the requirement impose any burden (compliance or administrative) on business?
  3. If so, is the burden administrative in nature?

TBS defines administrative burden as including planning, collecting, processing and reporting of information, completing forms and retaining data required by the federal government to comply with a regulation. This includes filling out license applications and forms, as well as finding and compiling data for audits and becoming familiar with information requirements.

Forms associated with NEB regulations were required to be counted; each field was considered an administrative burden by TBS.

Total Baseline Count
Title of the regulation SOR Number 2014 Count
Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations 2013-138 0
Gas Pipeline Uniform Accounting Regulations 83-190 29
National Energy Board Act Part VI (Oil and Gas) Regulations 96-244 304
National Energy Board Cost Recovery Regulations 91-7 10
National Energy Board Electricity Regulations 97-130 251
National Energy Board Export and Import Reporting Regulations 95-563 134
National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations 99-294 160
National Energy Board Order No. MO-62-69 C.R.C., c. 1055 0
National Energy Board Pipeline Crossing Regulations, Part I 88-528 1
National Energy Board Pipeline Crossing Regulations, Part II 88-529 106
National Energy Board Processing Plant Regulations 2003-39 41
National Energy Board Rules of Practice and Procedure, 1995 95-208 117
National Energy Board Substituted Service Regulations 83-191 9
Oil Pipeline Uniform Accounting Regulations C.R.C., c. 1058 25
Oil Product Designation Regulations 88-216 0
Pipeline Arbitration Committee Procedure Rules, 1986 86-787 103
Power Line Crossing Regulations 95-500 0
Toll Information Regulations 79-319 8
Energy Administration Act Sections 53 to 65 Non-application Order, 1986 86-1049 0
Total count 1,298


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