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We post regulatory guidance material on our website to help regulated companies, Indigenous Peoples, landowners, interested parties and the general public understand our requirements.


Comments and Suggestions

The CER welcomes feedback on the content of the Regulatory Framework at any time.

We produce guidance materials for varying audiences, published in different formats, covering many topics related to the work of the CER but all serve the same essential functions to provide clarity and guide the actions of those who must comply with our requirements or processes. Guidance is important; for example, we use it to:

  • give a window into how we apply the law when we carry out our functions;
  • instruct companies on what to include and how to submit materials to us so we can make timely decisions;
  • guide Canadians on how to participate in our processes, like application reviews or regulation-making;
  • share our approach on matters like engagement that apply to many aspects of our work;
  • explain our expectations; and
  • explain how we respond when expectations are not met and how enforcement works.

Find guidance by regulations under the governing law

Canadian Energy Regulator Act
General guidance produced to support this legislation:
Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations

ARCHIVED – Administrative Monetary Penalties

Cost Recovery Regulations
Electricity Regulations
National Energy Board Act Part VI (Oil and Gas) Regulations
National Energy Board Export and Import Reporting Regulations
Onshore Pipeline Regulations

ARCHIVED guidance for Onshore Pipeline Regulations

Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations (Authorizations and Obligations of Pipeline Companies)
Pipeline Financial Requirements Regulations
Pipeline Uniform Accounting Regulations (Oil and Gas)
Processing Plant Regulations
Rules of Practice and Procedure, 1995
Toll Information Regulations
Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act
General guidance produced to support this legislation:
Drilling and Production Regulations
Financial Requirements Regulations
Other Acts relating to Canada’s North and frontier areas
General guidance produced to support the Canada Petroleum Resources Act:
General guidance produced to support the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act:
General guidance produced to support the Oil and Gas Operations Act:

Find guidance by program

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