Concordance between the Canadian Energy Regulator Act and National Energy Board Act

Concordance between the Canadian Energy Regulator Act
and National Energy Board Act
Table of Contents
CER Act Equivalent Parts in the NEB Act
Part 1 – Canadian Energy Regulator Part I – National Energy Board
Part II – Advisory Functions
Section  133 – Annual Report
Part 2 – Safety, Security and Protection of Persons, Property, and Environment Part III – Construction, Operation and Abandonment of Pipelines (parts)
Part IX – Administrative Monetary Policies
Part 3 – Pipelines Part III – Construction, Operation and Abandonment of Pipelines (parts)
Part IV – Traffic, Tolls and Tariffs
Part V – Powers of Pipeline Companies (parts)
Part 4 – International/Interprovincial Power Lines Part III.1 – Construction and Operation of Power Lines
Part 5 – Offshore Renewable Energy Projects and Offshore Power Lines New
Part 6 – Lands Part V – Powers of Pipeline Companies (parts)
Part 7 – Exports and Imports Part VI – Exports and Imports
Part VII – Interprovincial Oil and Gas Trade
Part 8 – Oil and Gas Interests, Production and Conservation Part II.1 – Oil and Gas Interests, Production and Conservation
Part 9 – General Part VIII – General
Concordance of the National Energy Board Act
with the Canadian Energy Regulator Act
NEB Act CER Act Description
s.2. s.2 Definitions:

abandoned facility
abandoned offshore facility
Chief Executive Officer
Designated officer
Indigenous knowledge
Indigenous organization
Indigenous peoples Canada
Land registrar
Offshore area
Offshore powerline
Offshore renewable energy project
Power line
Regulated facility
Arbitration Committee
Compensable damage
Registrar of deeds
ss.3 – 5 ss.10, 26, 28, 29 Establishment of CER, Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and CommissionTable Note a
s.6 ss.37 – 44 Lead Commissioner and Deputy Lead Commissioner  
s.7 s.10(3),27, 30 Head office; quorum; vacancy 
s.8 s.35 Rules
s.9 s.90 – 1 Secretary and other officers and employees; superannuation; probation
s.10 n/a Deleted provision re: appointment of experts
s.11 s.31 Commission is a court; official seal; powers
s.12 s.32 Jurisdiction; Inquiry; Matters of fact and law
s.12.1 s.12 Jurisdiction – Inuvialuit Settlement Region
s.13 s.34 Mandatory Orders
s.14 s.45 Authorizations regarding the Commission’s powers, duties and functions
s.15 s.46 Powers of Commissioners authorized to report
sub.15(3) s.33 Commission may act on own motion
sub.16 (1) s.47(1), (2) Incapacity of single panel member
sub.16(2) s.48 Incapacity of panel member on quorum
sub.16(4) s.50 Effects of authorization
sub.16(5) s.49 Lead Commissioner’s powers
sub.16(6) s.51 Commissioner ceasing to hold office
s.16.1 s.60 Confidentiality
s.16.2 s.61 Confidentiality
s.16.3 s.75 Participant Funding Program
s.17 s.64 Enforcement of orders
s.18 s.66 General or particular orders
s.19 s.67 Conditional orders, etc.
s.20 s.68 Granting of relief may be partial
sub. 21(1) s.69 Review of decisions and orders
sub 21(2) ss.190-194 (pipeline certificate)
ss.280-284 (Power line certificate)
s.288 (Power line permit)
s.300 (ORE project)
s.348 (oil and gas licence)
s.365 (electricity)
Variation of certificates, licences and permits
sub 21(3) sub 69(3) Exception (COGOA)
s.21.1 ss.190-194 (pipeline certificate)
ss.280-284 (Power line certificate)
s.300 (ORE project)
s.349 (oil and gas licence)
Transfer of certificates and licences
s.21.2 s.288 (P/L permit)
s.365 (electricity)
Transfer of permits
s.22 s.72 Appeal to Federal Court of Appeal
s.23 s.70 Decisions final
s.24 s.52 Public hearings
s.24.1 s.87 Cost Recovery Regulations
s.25 s.89 Proof of documents
PART II: Advisory Functions
s.26-28 s.80-86 Part II: Advisory Functions 
PART II.1: Oil and Gas Interests, Production and Conservation
ss.28.1 – 28.8 ss.381-388 Part  II.1: Oil and Gas Interests, Production and Conservation
PART III: Construction, Operation and Abandonment of Pipelines
s.29(1),(2) s.179 Companies only
s.29(3)(3.1)(4) s.5 Powers of liquidators, trustees, etc.
s.30 s.180 Operation of pipeline
s.31 s.198 Approval
s.32 s.182 Application for pipeline certificate
s.33 s.199 Plan, profile, and book of reference
s.34-43 s.201-210 Determination of Detailed Route and Approval
s.44 s.200 Further plans
s.45 s.211 Approval of deviations
s.46 s.212 Diversions and relocations
s.47 s.213 Leave to Open
s.48 (1)-(1.4) s.95 Safety and security
s.48(2) s.96 Regulations relating to safety and security
s.48(2.1)-(2.2) s.97 Exempting order respecting companies
s.48(2.3) s.98 Regulations – Governor in Council
s.48(3) – (4) s.99 Offence
s.48.1 s.101 Abandoned pipelines (contact with)
s.48.11-48.48 s.136-173 Polluter Pays Principle/ Financial Responsibility
s.48.49 s.242 Costs and expenses related to abandonment
s.49-51 s.102-111 Inspection officers and powers (including review of decisions)
s.51.4 s.112 Offence and punishment
s.52 s.183 Report (Pipeline Certificates)
s.183(2) of the CER Act contains expanded list of factors to consider
s.183(3) of the CER Act adds representations by the public
s.53 s.184 Order to reconsider
s.54 s.186 Order regarding issuance or non-issuance
s.55 s.188 Application for judicial review
s.55.1(1) s.189 Continuation of jurisdiction and obligation
s.56 s.195-197 Revocation or suspension of certificate
s.57 s.187 Compliance
s.58 s.214 Exempting orders respecting pipelines
PART III.1: Construction and Operation of Power Lines
s.58.1 s.247 Prohibition (International Power Lines)
s.58.11 s.248 Issuance (Permits)
s.58.12 s.249 Publication
s.58.13 s.256 Further information (required for recommendation)
s.58.14 s.257 Delay of issuance (recommendation on designation)
s.58.15 s.258 Where certificate required
s.58.16 s.262 Issuance (power line certificate)
s.58.17 s.250 Provincial regulatory agency
s.58.18 s.251 Application
s.58.19 s.252 Definition of provincial laws
s.58.2 s.253 Application of provincial laws
s.58.21 s.254 Incorporation of provincial functions
s.58.22 s.255 Paramountcy
s.58.23 s.259 Election
s.58.24 s.271 Application
s.58.25 s.260 Effect of election
s.58.26 s.265 Prohibition
s.58.27 s.266(1)(2) Application of certain provisions (and application relating to navigable waters)
s.58.271- s.58.331 ss.266(3)-276
Application of certain provisions (crossing, relocation, navigable water, ground disturbance, etc.)
s.58.34 s.277 Abandonment
s.58.35 s.278 Terms and conditions
s.58.36 s.279 Compliance
s.58.37 ss.285-287 (cert)
s.289 (permit)
Revocation and Suspension of permit or certificate
s.58.38 s.290 Application of certain provisions
s.58.39 s.291 Regulations
s.58.4 s.261 Interprovincial Power Lines
PART IV: Traffic, Tolls and Tariffs
s.58.5 – 72 s.225-240 Part IV: Traffic, Tolls and Tariffs
PART V: Powers of Pipeline Companies
s.73 s.313 General Powers
s.74(1)(2) s.181/ s.241(1) Limitations on the purchase and sale, etc
s.75 s.314 Damages and compensation
s.76 s.315 Exercise of powers outside Canada
s.77 s.316 Taking and Using Lands: Crown lands
s.78 s.317 Indian Lands
s.78.1 s.318 Settlement Land
s.79-83 s.336-340 Mines and Minerals
s.84 s.319 Application Restricted
Acquisition of lands (compensation)
s.104-106 s.324-326 Right of Entry; Advance of Compensation; Vesting and Registration
s.107 s.333 Regulations
s.108 s.217 Construction – utility 
s.109 s.218 Construction or operation – navigable water
s.110 s.219 Effects of recommendation on navigation
s.111-111.4(2)(a) s.220-224 Pipeline not work, (Regulations, Offences, etc. relating to crossing pipeline
s.111.4(2)(b) s.266(3) Circumstances (relating to power lines)
s.112 s.335 Damage Prevention (relating to pipelines)
s.114 s.341  Executions
s.115 s.342 Construing Special Acts;
PART VI: Exports and Imports
s.116 s.343 Division I: Oil and Gas:  Prohibition
ss.117-118.2 s.344-347 Issuance of licences
s.119-119.01 ss.350-351
Revocation, Suspension and Regulations
ss.119.02 – s.119.094 ss.355- 367 Division II: Electricity
ss.120-120.5 ss.373-378 Division III: Implementation of Free Trade Agreements
ss.121-122 ss.379-380 Division IV: Offences, Punishment and Enforcement
PART VII: Interprovincial Oil and Gas Trade
ss.123-128 ss.368-372 Interprovincial Oil and Gas Trade
PART VIII: General
s.129-131 ss.389-391 Regulations
ss.132-132.4 s.174-178 Sentencing principles
s.133 s.18, s.36 Annual Report
PART IX: Administrative Monetary Penalties
s.134-154 s.115-135 Administrative Monetary Penalties
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