Company Submission Requirements

Accountable Officer Appointment and Annual Report Notification

Accountable Office – Procedure
Appointments are to be mailed or faxed documents. Documents must not be filed electronically.

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Annual Report Notification – Procedure

Companies are to file electronically through the Online Event Reporting System.

If you have questions, please contact

For information on how to select the accountable officer or complete the annual report notification, and suggested template letters, please see below.

OPR Section and Requirement
OPR Section and Requirement Requirement

Accountable Officer Appointment and Notification

Pursuant to section 6.2 of the Canadian Energy Regulator Act Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR), a company must appoint an accountable officer who has the authority over the company’s human and financial resources required to establish, implement and maintain its management system and protection programs, and to ensure that the company meets its obligations for safety, security and protection of the environment. The accountable officer is typically the person who holds the most senior position in the company. Based on a company's organizational structure, this person may hold the position of CEO, President, or some other designation. Appendix I contains a flowchart to assist companies with the identification of the accountable officer.

A company has 30 days to notify the CER of the name of its accountable officer after the appointment is made. The accountable officer must also submit a signed statement accepting the responsibilities of the position. This requirement is in effect for all CER-regulated companies.

Appendix II provides suggested template letters for (i) company notification to the CER that it has appointed its accountable officer, and (ii) the signed statement from the accountable officer.


Annual Report Notification

A company must submit to the CER a statement, signed by the accountable officer, that it has completed its annual report, no later than April 30 of each year.

The reporting company will now upload a formal copy of the template signed by the Accountable Officer to the portal in Online Event Reporting System.

Appendix III provides a suggested template letter for notification to the CER of a company’s completion of its annual report.

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