Check out our latest damage prevention guidance for municipal operations

February 9, 2024

Our Damage Prevention and Safety team has released an updated Damage Prevention Guidance for Municipal Operations and Maintenance Activities.

The guidance was created for pipeline companies, public works crews, contractors and local governments doing routine municipal operations or maintenance activities. These activities could involve construction, ground disturbances or vehicle crossings near Canada Energy Regulator (CER) regulated pipelines.

“We updated the guidance with a table that clearly outlines which digging activities need to be approved by the CER versus the ones that don’t. For example, excavation or maintenance work that does not disturb the ground 30 cm (12 in) or deeper does not need approval,” explained Shannon Neufeld, Technical Leader of Safety and Damage Prevention.

“Ultimately, we hope the guidance will encourage municipalities to involve pipeline companies early in the project planning phase,” said Shannon.

Shannon explains that contact of any kind with a pipeline can have severe consequences ranging from service disruptions to environmental damage or personal injury. The delays can also have a financial impact, directly affecting the ability to operate efficiently and provide essential services to the local community. By communicating early, municipalities and pipeline companies can prevent the worst from happening.

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