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The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) is committed to engaging Canadians on land matters. To that end, the Land Matters Group (LMG) was established in 2011 to bring together people who have similar needs and interests.

The LMG operates as a two-way conduit of information between the CER and LMG members by providing participants with opportunities to share insight and advice on the protection of landowner rights and interests, with the ultimate goal of achieving regulatory excellence. By sharing information and real–life experience, LMG members can build awareness and develop relationships across a diverse network.

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LMG News – a quarterly newsletter about land matters

April 2024

LMG News – April 2024

  • Update from the Editor’s Corner
  • The LMG in a nutshell
  • The LMG – then and 12 years later
  • Damage to property
  • Access to Lands
  • Cost apportionment – A path for landowners and municipalities
  • Damage prevention guidance for municipal operations
August 2023

LMG News – August 2023

  • Update from the Editor’s Corner – A Path for Landowners and Municipalities
  • Cost Apportionment – It Matters
  • Access to Lands – Not one size fits all
  • Role of a Land Agent – It’s all About Building Relationships
  • Final Investigation Report on the 2021 Minell Pipeline Incident
February 2023

LMG News – February 2023

  • Update from the Editor's Corner
  • What’s new at the CER
    • A new face at the helm of the Commission
  • The importance of relationships
  • Property damages, nuisance and other inconveniences
  • The land matters advisory service
  • Additional provisions in land acquisition agreements
  • Coming to an understanding from different perspectives
  • BERDI – access to environmental and socio-economic information
  • Damage prevention – safety takes no breaks
September 2022

LMG News – September 2022

  • The LMG in a nutshell
  • Update from the Editor’s Corner
  • In the News!
  • Did you know…
    • Canada’s Pipeline System – who regulates what?
    • Residential Electricity Bills
  • LMG Spotlight – Josh Vass
  • Property damage – a matter of concern for many
  • Keeping pipelines safe – operating or not
June 2022

LMG News – June 2022

  • The LMG in a nutshell
  • Update from the Editor’s Corner
  • In the News!
  • Did you know… Process Advisors can help you
  • LMG Spotlight – Graeme Wright
  • Emergency Response to BC Floods
  • A Pipeline’s Detailed Route and You
  • The Detailed Route Process – The Value of Being Heard
  • Clubroot Management
  • How Deep is that Pipeline?
March 2022

LMG News – March 2022

  • The LMG in a nutshell
  • Update from the Editor’s Corner
  • Other topic of Interest
  • Did you know... LMAS
  • LMG AC Member Profile – Isabelle Bouffard
  • Natural Disasters: Considerations When you Have a Pipeline on Your Land
  • Onshore Pipeline Regulations Review
  • Stepping Up Participation

LMG News – a quarterly newsletter about land matters archive

Advisory Committee

LMG Advisory Committee (LMG AC) is composed of a balanced representation of the broader LMG membership and functions according to the adopted LMG AC Terms of Reference.

The LMG AC has determined that the following issues should be prioritized:

LMG Sub-Committees (LMG Sub-C) are composed of individuals selected from the LMG AC or from the broader LMG membership to collaborate with a project working group on the review of a specific issue followed by the production of a final document or report.

Re-energized focus on land matters

On 9-10 January, the members of the Land Matters Group Advisory Committee (LMG AC) gathered in Calgary to attend two days of meetings to discuss land related CER initiatives, and to provide feedback reflecting the needs and interests of the stakeholder groups they represent.

During the four-year span since the previous LMG AC in-person meeting, the group’s composition consisting of a dozen or so external members, has evolved significantly. It is now more inclusive with broader regional presence and more diversified with the addition of the electricity sector within the industry group.

The landowner associations represent the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, and the representation within the industry category was boosted with the addition of a provincial electricity and natural gas distribution utility that now complements the two pipeline companies. The lands professionals are well represented with two members – experienced land agents – who speak on behalf of the International Right of Way Association. To close the loop, representatives from the provincial and federal levels of government, including a handful of CER staff, all bring expertise in different areas of land management. In the coming months, more members may be considered, especially from regions and sectors that are not currently represented. For the time being however, the addition of new members has brought a new energy to the LMG AC.

The discussions were all centrally focused on topics of interest to landowners. On the first day, they opened with the CER’s rules of practice and procedure, and other topics included early engagement activities, cost apportionment and the process involved in abandoning or decommissioning a pipeline. The second day was dedicated to reviewing the current terms of reference and evaluating the progress made on the implementation of the work plan. In the coming weeks, CER staff will be updating the terms of reference to reflect how the members will work over the next three years, including the development of a roadmap listing the issues that collectively the LMG AC will address.

The meeting summary is available on the CER website’s Land Matters Group page.

Complementary information about the Advisory Committee:

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General Inquiries

Land Matters Group Project Manager (bilingual service)
Canada Energy Regulator
Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265
Facsimile: 403-292-5503
Facsimile (toll free): 1-877-288-8803


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