Process Advisor Support

The CER assigns process advisors to many public hearings to support the public and Indigenous peoples who want to participate.

How process advisors can and cannot help

Process advisors can help you in the following ways:

  • Answer your questions about the hearing process.
  • Explain the ways you may participate in a hearing – as an intervenor or commenter – and what you can and cannot do in these roles.
  • Organize and run public information sessions and workshops.
  • Provide support with online systems to get a GCKey, register to participate or file documents using the participation portal
  • Let you know if participant funding is available and when to apply
  • Provide samples and templates and answer your questions about them.
    • Information request
    • Written evidence
    • Motion
    • Final argument
  • Answer your process questions in person during the oral hearing.

The CER is committed to fostering the full recognition and use of both English and French in Canadian society. Our bilingual Process Advisors offer services in both official languages and you can participate in a hearing in your official language of choice.

There are some things process advisors are not allowed to do, such as speak to either the hearing commissioners or the company on your behalf. Also, they’re unable to make your case for you, meaning they cannot:

  • Interpret the evidence for you
  • Tell you what information you should give to the Commissioners
  • Tell you how to best present your information
  • Write your questions or evidence
  • Talk to the Commissioners on your behalf
  • Talk to a company on your behalf

How can I contact a process advisor?

Under Applications and projects, click on the link to the project and scroll down to Contact Information. You can also call the CER (403-292-4800 or toll-free 1-800-899-1265) and your call will be forwarded to the appropriate process advisor.

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