How we hold companies accountable to some of the strictest environmental standards in the world. These standards protect water, air, habitats, animals, plants, and farmland throughout the life of energy projects, such as pipelines and international power lines.

What you need to know

Lifecycle approach

Read more about how we hold companies accountable to protect the environment throughout the life of an energy project.

Environmental assessments

Get an overview of how we work with companies over the life of a project to protect the environment and what we require in an environmental assessment.

North and offshore

Discover who we work with in the north and offshore areas to conduct environmental assessments.

Watercourse crossings

Find out about what companies have to consider if a project is crossing a river or stream and work they may do to protect various species and habitat.

Post-construction environmental monitoring

See what companies need to do once construction is finished to make sure the environment is protected.


Learn about requirements in place to address contaminated areas, how companies report it and engage communities, and the tools and resources we have to help.

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