Event Reporting

Companies are required to notify the CER and the Transportation Safety Board of events.

This includes:

  • incidents
  • unauthorized activities
  • operation and maintenance activities

Companies are to report these events and others through the online event reporting system, or OERS. A full list of events that are reportable using the online system are in the CER Event Reporting Guidelines. Activities the CER needs to be notified of are defined in regulations. Companies are expected to know their responsibilities and what is required of them.

Report an event

Public reporting

If you are a member of the public and want to report an event, contact the CER at 403-299-2773.

Regulations and guidance

Companies must refer to the CER’s Event Reporting Guidelines about what we expect and require when reporting events. Timelines for reporting an event vary, depending on what is being reported and its potential severity.

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Improving reporting requirements

We share information on work that we do to improve requirements. The work below is on consultation we have done to revise the guidelines:

Contact us

Get help or ask us a question. For help using the event reporting system or to ask us a question, email dlerssupport@cer-rec.gc.ca.

System unavailable? To report an event when the system is not available, contact the Transportation Safety Board at 1-819-997-7887 (TSB reporting hotline).

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