Pipeline Performance Measures

In 2012, the National Energy Board (NEB), now the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), introduced Pipeline Performance Measures (PPM) reporting requirements to promote continual improvement in the management of pipelines, assist in compliance verification planning, and to determine whether companies were providing information consistent with its existing knowledge of regulated assets.

PPM data has been submitted annually, aggregated, and posted on the CER website in a report allowing regulated companies to benchmark their pipeline performance against industry averages and inform improvements to their management systems and performance.


On 18 November 2021, the CER issued a notice to specified CER regulated companies soliciting written feedback on newly proposed measures and organized several follow up virtual meetings to discuss the value of the project for industry, as well as the impact on their management systems. We compiled all of the feedback we received into a “What We Heard” report.

After consultation with our regulated companies and our subject matter experts within our organization, we have decided to close the PPM program. The CER no longer requires companies to submit this data.

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