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Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. - Order SG-N081-001-2014 - Request for Extension to Compliance deadlines [PDF 142 KB]

File OF-Surv-Inc-2014-33 01
28 March 2014

Mr. Russell K. Girling,
President and Chief Executive Officer
TransCanada PipeLines Limited
450 - 1st Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 5H1
Facsimile 403-920-2200

Dear Mr. Girling:

Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL)
Order SG-N081-001-2014
Request for Extension to Compliance deadlines

The National Energy Board (Board) is in receipt of NGTL’s request to extend the deadlines for compliance with Conditions 1 and 2 of Safety Order SG-N081-001-2014 (Order). NGTL states that it made this extension request in order to allow it and affected shippers additional time to assess the potential impacts that may be caused by the implementation of the Order, and for NGTL to advise the Board as required by Condition 3 of the Order.

The Board has considered NGTL’s request and has issued the attached Amending Order AO-001-SG-NO81-001-2014, the effect of which is to extend the compliance deadlines for Condition 1 to 24 April 2014, and for Condition 2 to 29 April 2014.

The Board acknowledges that NGTL has implemented a voluntary “pressure hold” to ensure that the 90 day high pressure for each of the pipelines identified in the Order will not be exceeded, with the exception of one pipeline that is currently undergoing an in-line inspection. The Board is satisfied that this pressure hold will provide an acceptable level of safety on these pipelines until the extended pressure restriction implementation deadlines. The Board expects NGTL to maintain this pressure hold until the pressure restrictions required by the Order are fully implemented by the deadlines outlined in the attached Amending Order.

Yours truly,

Sheri Young
Secretary of the Board

c.c.  Mr. Declan Russell, TransCanada PipeLines Limited, facsimile 403-920-2319

ORDER AO-001-SG-N081-001-2014

IN THE MATTER OF the National Energy Board Act (Act) and the regulations made thereunder; and

IN THE MATTER OF promoting the safety and security of operation of the TransCanada Alberta system by TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TransCanada), National Energy Board (Board) file OF-Surv-Inc-2014-33 01.

BEFORE the Board on 28 March 2014.

WHEREAS the Board has issued Order SG-NO81-001-2014 (the Order) requiring specific safety and security measures of TransCanada;

AND WHEREAS the Board has considered TransCanada’s request to vary the Order by extending certain compliance deadlines and is satisfied that extending the compliance deadlines is appropriate in the circumstances;

AND WHEREAS the Order remains fully in force and TransCanada continues to be subject to the terms and conditions found therein except as amended by this Amending Order

IT IS ORDERED THAT pursuant to subsection 21(1) of the Act, the Order is amended by replacing Conditions 1 and 2 with the following:

  1. Subject to the conditions of the Order, within 50 days from the date of this Order, the maximum operating pressure of the twenty-five (25) unpiggable NGTL pipelines that TransCanada has calculated to have the highest societal risk shall be reduced by 20% of the 90 day highest pressure from the date of the Order.
  2. Within 55 days from the date of this Order, TransCanada shall file with the Board written confirmation that it has implemented the pressure restrictions. The written confirmation shall include the 90 day high pressure, the restricted operating pressure and confirmation that both the local and the control centre set-points for shutdown and control of the operation and isolation valves have been adjusted according to CSA Z662-11 Clauses 4.18 and 10.9.5 to reflect the pressure restrictions.

This Amending Order shall come into effect on 28 March 2014.


Sheri Young
Secretary of the Board


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