Market Snapshots

Market Snapshots – City at night with lines of light reaching toward the sky.

Regular energy information updates illustrate emerging trends in various segments of the energy market. They provide topical energy information to Canadians.

Latest Snapshots

Date Title Commodity Additional Topics
2024-07-10 Record high annual oil pipeline throughputs again in 2023 oil crude oil, exports, throughput, pipelines, capacity
2024-07-03 Annual crude-by-rail volumes continued to decline in 2023, despite monthly increases in second half of the year oil crude oil, crude-by-rail, exports, pipelines
2024-06-26 Canadian natural gas production hits a record high in 2023, and industrial gas use continues to increase natural gas production, Canada, exports, demand, supply
2024-06-19 Refined petroleum product imports decreased by 10% in 2023 oil imports, refined petroleum products, COVID-19, pandemic
2024-06-12 Crude oil imports rose slightly in 2023, for the first time since 2019 oil crude oil, imports, COVID-19
2024-06-05 Zero emission vehicles now account for over 10% of all new vehicles in Canada electricity, renewables vehicles, EVs, net-zero, fuel, transportation, Canada
2024-05-29 End of winter update - natural gas inventories and production are high entering the spring season natural gas storage, supply, demand, production, winter, spring, exports
2024-05-15 Canadian coal-fired electricity generation is rapidly being replaced by low and non-emitting energy sources electricity, renewables coal, emissions, Canada
2024-05-08 Canada’s oil pipeline capacity in 2024 oil Trans Moutain, pipeline, crude oil, exports, pipeline capacity
2024-05-01 Canada is expanding its CO2 pipeline network renewables carbon capture and storage, CCS, carbon capture, utilization, and storage, CCUS, greenhouse gases, emissions, CO2, pipeline 
2024-03-20 Passenger air travel and jet fuel demand increasing steadily but remain below 2019 levels oil COVID-19, travel, demand, net-zero, RPPs, aviation, emissions
2024-03-06 Unauthorized activities reported near pipelines in 2023 did not result in any product releases natural gas, oil, NGL pipeline, safety
2024-02-21 Bioenergy use could double in Canada’s net-zero future renewables bioenergy, Net-zero, environmental, EF2023
2024-02-07 Managing nature can help reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions renewables emissions, environmental
2024-01-24 Three Pipeline Systems Transport Growing Natural Gas from Northeast BC to Markets natural gas markets, production, transport
2024-01-10 GHG emissions from on-site electricity generation and cogeneration at Canada’s energy-intensive facilities are increasing electricity GHG, emissions, production
2023-12-20 Heat pumps could significantly reduce GHG emissions from Canada’s buildings electricity heat pumps, residential heating, natural gas, fossil fuels, GHG emissions
2023-12-06 What is energy modelling, and how can it help inform Canada’s transition to net-zero emissions by 2050? crude oil, electricity, natural gas, renewables modelling, net-zero, energy transition, policy
2023-11-22 October 2023 propane inventories close to the five-year average, but winter weather projected to be mild NGL propane, supply, demand
2023-11-08 Repurposing pipelines: a look into present and future trends natural gas, oil, renewables hydrogen, emissions
2023-10-25 Gas pipelines fully utilized following record high production in 2022 natural gas supply, exports, demand
2023-10-11 Investment in Canadian clean energy technology research and development is increasing renewables Net-zero, GHG
2023-09-27 Record-high Canadian electricity export revenue in 2022 electricity exports, imports
2023-09-14 Oil pipeline throughputs reach record highs in 2022 oil exports, throughput, pipelines
2023-08-30 Refined Petroleum Products Imports Rose by 5% in 2022 oil imports, refined petroleum products, pandemic
2023-08-16 Crude Oil Imports Declined in 2022, While the Share from the U.S. Increased oil imports, pandemic
2023-06-21 Indigenous Ownership of Canadian Renewable Energy Projects is Growing renewables energy, Indigenous, electricity, hydroelectricity, solar, wind, biomass, energy demand, geothermal
2023-05-31 Geothermal Power is stable and low carbon, but what is its potential in Canada? renewables carbon, GHG, geothermal
2023-05-17 Canada’s Bioenergy Diversity and Potential renewables biomass, net-zero, carbon, energy
2023-05-03 New Renewable Diesel Facilities Will Help Reduce Carbon Intensity of Fuels in Canada oil emissions, environmental, carbon, GHG
2023-04-19 Two Decades of Growth in Renewable Natural Gas in Canada natural gas, renewables emissions, environmental
2023-03-15 Trends in In-Situ Bitumen Production oil production, emissions
2023-03-01 Western Canadian Natural Gas Production Reaches a Record High in 2022 natural gas production, exports
2023-02-15 Clean Energy Projects in Remote Indigenous and Northern Communities electricity, natural gas renewables
2023-02-01 Canadian Energy Demand is Rebounding to Pre-COVID Levels electricity, natural gas, oil energy demand, emissions
2023-01-18 Critical Minerals are Key to the Global Energy Transition renewables other minerals
2022-12-21 New projects in Alberta could add significant carbon storage capacity by 2030 renewables carbon, emissions
2022-12-07 Canada exports around half of the natural gas it produces natural gas exports
2022-11-23 Historical Trends in Canadian Oil and Gas Investment oil, natural gas ESG, investment
2022-11-09 Canadian propane inventories ready for winter NGL propane, storage
2022-10-26 Record-high electric vehicle sales in Canada electricity demand, electric vehicle, market
2022-10-12 How We Use Crude Oil Every Day oil demand
2022-09-28 Canadian Propane Increasingly Destined for Asia natural gas propane, exports
2022-09-14 Which states trade electricity with British Columbia? electricity trade, demand, imports, exports
2022-08-31 Why Canada is one of the world’s largest electricity consumers electricity electricity demand, emissions, consumption
2022-08-17 Diluent is a growing share of total crude oil supply oil other diluent, bitumen, western Canada, imports
2022-08-03 Hydrogen Production in Energy Futures 2021 hydrogen Energy Futures, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, net-zero, natural gas, carbon capture and storage
2022-07-20 Canada’s Pipeline System – Who Regulates What? oil, natural gas pipeline, regulation, regulator
2022-07-06 The Potential Role of Nuclear in Canada’s Energy Future nuclear uranium, net-zero
2022-06-22 Canadian Crude by Rail in 2021 oil exports, pipelines, prices, rail
2022-06-08 Bitumen Production Hits a Record High in 2021 oil bitumen, demand, oil sands, COVID-19
2022-05-25 Helium – it’s Not Just for Balloons helium natural gas, pipelines, tech, aerospace, Saskatchewan, Alberta
2022-05-11 Floods, New Facilities, and More – Pipeline Utilization for Q4 (2021) oil, natural gas crude oil, pipelines, RPPs, refined petroleum products, export
2022-04-27 Why Does Canadian Energy use Decline in Energy Futures 2021? electricity other energy, energy use, energy intensity, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, carbon price
2022-03-30 Crude oil imports declined in 2021, while refined petroleum product imports rose modestly oil crude oil, imports, RPPs, refined petroleum products, demand, gasoline, diesel
2022-02-23 A tour of Canada’s oil sands upgraders oil  
2022-02-09 Corporate power purchase agreements add renewables in Alberta electricity, renewables commodity renewables – other electricity, PPAs, wind, solar
2022-01-26 A Closer Look at Unabated Fossil Fuel Use in Energy Futures 2021 oil, natural gas emissions, GHGs, CO2, unabated fossil fuels, CCS, net-zero
2022-01-12 “Greening” Canada’s pipeline infrastructure oil, natural gas emissions, pipelines, GHGs, CO2, fugitive releases
2021-12-15 ESG Reporting and CER-Regulated Pipelines oil, natural gas ESG, environment, social, governance, emissions, pipelines, sustainability, net-zero, GHGs
2021-12-01 Strong Global Demand and Tight Supply Has Led to Highest North American Natural Gas Prices in Years natural gas LNG, western Canada, LNG exports, natural gas production, natural gas prices
2021-11-17 How the 2021 Summer Heat Dome Affected Electricity Demand in Western Canada electricity energy, climate, electricity demand, alberta, bc
2021-11-03 Plug-in hybrid vehicles are far more fuel efficient over short trips than long trips electricity, renewables electric vehicles, hybrids, fuel efficiency, gasoline
2021-07-28 Canada’s crude oil exports kept pace with production over the last decade oil crude oil, diluent, exports, production, Canada, U.S.
2021-07-14 Canadian Exploration & Production companies raised over $9 billion from corporate bonds during 2020 oil oil prices, oil demand, exploration and production, OPEC
2021-06-30 U.S. gas continues to displace western Canadian gas in Quebec and Ontario natural gas imports, exports, Canada, U.S.
2021-06-16 Hydrogen could be part of the global path to net-zero natural gas, renewables

hydrogen, Canada, CO2 emissions, net zero, global climate action

2021-06-02 Is it possible to power your home with a bicycle? electricity bicycle, power, transportation, green
2021-05-19 In 2020 fossil fuel use decreased, while renewable electricity generation increased fossil fuels energy, renewables, electricity, fuel
2021-05-05 Improved technology has led to higher production despite fewer wells drilled crude oil, natural gas  horizontal drilling, wells, production, oil sands
2021-04-14 Crude oil imports decreased in 2020, and so did the cost crude oil  imports, exports, pipelines, refineries
2021-03-24 A Near-Term Outlook for Renewable Power in Canada renewable power electricity, hydro, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal
2021-03-10 Canada’s west coast marine propane exports rise nearly 77% in 2020 propane lpg, marine propane, petrochemical, gas tanker
2021-02-24 Battery electric vehicles are far more fuel efficient than vehicles with internal combustion engines electricity battery electric vehicles, BEV, ICE, fuel, gasoline, HEV
2021-02-10 Comparing Canada’s Energy Demand Trends in Alternative Energy Futures energy demand Energy Futures, EF2020, electricity, fossil fuel, GHG
2021-02-03 A closer look at Canada’s use of fossil fuels fossil fuels Eergy Futures, EF2020, Canada, coal, nuclear, renewables, RPPs, NGLs
2021-01-27 A closer look at the international context for crude oil and natural gas markets in Canada’s Energy Future 2020 crude oil, natural gas Energy Futures, EF2020, fossil fuel, energy
2021-01-20 Renewables dominate future electric capacity additions electricity  Energy Futures, EF2020, hydro, solar, wind, nuclear, natural gas
2021-01-13 Global EV sales need to significantly increase to meet 2030 Paris Agreement goals electricity EVs, electric vehicles, Paris Agreement, net zero
2021-01-06 COVID-19 response impacted diesel fuel consumption less severely than gasoline oil demand, gasoline, diesel, COVID-19, Canada
2020-12-16 Canada’s oil exports started to recover from COVID-19 in June and July 2020 oil crude oil, exports, Canada, United States, price
2020-12-09 A Closer Look – Oil Pipelines in Canada’s Energy Future 2020 oil crude oil, energy futures, pipelines, capacity, price, exports
2020-12-02 Crude-by-rail exports reach record highs before falling to near record lows in 2020 oil crude-by-rail, exports, prices, Canada, pipeline throughputs, supply, storage
2020-11-25 Highlights from Canada’s Energy Future 2020 electricity, natural gas, oil, renewables energy futures, COVID-19
2020-11-18 Propane inventories in western Canada at record high for start of heating season NGL propane, storage, Canada, COVID-19
2020-11-12 New electric vehicle registrations exceeded those of diesel vehicles in 2019 electricity, oil refined petroleum products, diesel, vehicles, demand, Canada
2020-11-04 Canadian volumes of natural gas in storage are at the highest level on record going into the winter natural gas natural gas storage, demand, supply, COVID-19
2020-10-28 Canadian natural gas exports to U.S. Midwest fall by 20% in the first half of 2020 natural gas exports, U.S. Midwest, United States, Bakken, COVID-19, pipelines
2020-10-21 Of the almost 1 million barrels per day of cuts to western Canadian oil supply in mid-June, about 700  thousand barrels per day has come back online oil crude oil, prices, production, WCSB, COVID-19
2020-10-14 Canada’s share of total crude oil exported to the U.S. is growing oil crude oil, exports, United States., supply
2020-10-07 CCS in Alberta and Saskatchewan – long-term storage capacity and the potential to lower industrial sector emissions intensity electricity, renewables carbon capture and storage, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Paris Agreement
2020-09-23 How hydrogen has the potential to reduce the CO2 emissions of natural gas natural gas, renewables hydrogen, Alberta, GHG emissions
2020-09-16 Producing energy from everyday waste – British Columbia adopts renewable natural gas natural gas, renewables biogas, British Columbia
2020-09-09 Oil sands use of natural gas for production decreases considerably in early 2020 natural gas oil sands, production, Alberta, COVID-19
2020-09-02 Market Snapshot: 300th Special Edition – Explore over 5 years’ worth of Snapshots by topic electricity, natural gas, oil, renewables Special edition
2020-08-27 Throughput on major oil pipeline systems falls in 2020, temporarily relieving tight capacity constraints out of western Canada oil pipeline, capacity, throughput, western Canada, COVID-19
2020-08-19 Canada’s electricity demand is increasing steadily electricity Canada, demand, consumption
2020-08-12 Canada’s historical GHG emissions – 2020 Update oil, natural gas, electricity Canada, GHG emissions
2020-08-05 Canada’s evolving energy needs oil, natural gas, electricity end-use demand, Canada, energy efficiency
2020-07-29 COVID-19 pandemic and lower oil prices lead to decrease in Alberta’s electricity consumption electricity COVID-19, electricity demand, Alberta
2020-07-22 Household energy expenditures vary significantly by province and territory oil, natural gas, electricity demand, Canada
2020-07-15 Canadian – and North American – rig counts reach record lows oil production, rig activity, crude oil, Canada, United States, COVID-19
2020-07-08 Energy efficiency has limited Canada’s increasing energy demand oil, gas, electricity demand, energy use, economy, Canada
2020-07-02 Where are Canada's propane inventories for winter demand stored? NGL propane, storage, Canada, demand
2020-06-24 Almost one million barrels per day of western Canadian oil supply was cut by mid-May 2020 because of low global oil prices oil crude oil, production, demand, COIVD-19, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, prices
2020-06-17 Rail is the main way to transport Canadian propane to markets NGL rail, exports, propane, Canada, United States
2020-06-10 Since 2015 CER-regulated companies have set aside over $2 billion to cover the costs of abandoning their pipelines in the future oil, natural gas pipeline, safety, abandonment, Canada
2020-06-03 New motor vehicle registrations show increase in SUVs and EV oil, electricity transportation, electric vehicles, vehicles, SUVs, Canada, demand
2020-05-27 Rail transportation of energy commodities has decreased because of lower demand from COVID-19 oil, natural gas, electricity, NGL rail, demand, COVID-19, Canada
2020-05-20 B.C. is now the second largest exporter of propane behind Alberta NGL propane, exports, Alberta, British Columbia
2020-05-13 Refineries are reducing production due to lower oil demand during the COVID-19 pandemic oil refinery runs, demand, Canada, crude oil, refined petroleum products, COVID-19
2020-05-06 Personal electronic devices are changing the way Canadians consume energy at home electricity, natural gas, oil residential, demand, Canada, COVID-19
2020-04-29 Ontario consumes less electricity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic electricity demand, Ontario, COVID-19
2020-04-22 Weekly average gasoline prices in Canada reach the lowest level since 2008 oil gasoline, prices, Canada, COVID-19
2020-04-15 Canadian energy demand is trending closer to a lower-carbon scenario projected over ten years ago oil, natural gas, electricity demand, Canada, Energy Future
2020-04-08 Canadian exports of crude oil to destinations other than the United States are mainly from Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil crude oil, exports, Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador
2020-04-01 Imports of crude oil increase in 2019 oil crude oil, prices, WTI, WCS, COVID-19
2020-03-25 How does the early 2020 crude oil price drop compare to other historic events in global crude oil markets? oil crude oil, prices, WTI, WCS, COVID-19
2020-03-18 Natural gas production in Alberta and British Columbia is changing natural gas production, Alberta, British Columbia
2020-03-11 Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador heavy oil production helps increase total crude production to levels last seen in 2009 oil offshore, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, Newfoundland and Labrador, production
2020-03-04 Western Canadian condensate is getting heavier, and the oil sands are adapting NGL crude oil, condensate, western Canada, production, export
2020-02-26 The value of Canadian energy exports has been growing since 2016, but is still lower than the highs seen in 2014 oil, natural gas, electricity energy exports, Canada
2020-02-19 Western Canadian conventional, tight, and shale oil production is expected to steadily grow to 2040 oil conventional oil, tight oil, shale oil, production
2020-02-12 Retail pump sales of gasoline and diesel make up most of the transportation sector’s energy demand oil gasoline, diesel, transportation, demand, Canada
2020-02-05 Canadian natural gas liquid production is expected to continue rising in the long term NGL production, Canada, Alberta, ethane

Canada’s retiring coal-fired power plants will be replaced by renewable and low-carbon energy sources

electricity coal, natural gas, renewables, emissions, Canada
2020-01-22 Canada’s long-term natural gas production outlook natural gas production, price, British Columbia, projection, LNG
2020-01-15 Technology and efficiency contribute to projected decrease in transportation fuel use oil, electricity transportation, fuel, demand, Canada
2020-01-08 Of nearly 50 companies that export electricity, three account for more than half of all exports in 2019 electricity exports, Canada, U.S.
2020-01-02 Even though Canada exports a lot of electricity, it imports a lot too electricity imports, U.S.
2019-12-18 Canada is spending less money on energy imports oil, natural gas, electricity imports, Canada, U.S.
2019-12-11 Canadian crude oil is mainly exported to two regions in the United States oil crude oil, exports, United States, PADD
2019-12-04 Rail remains important for transporting western Canadian crude oil oil crude by rail, exports, prices, United States
2019-11-27 Many companies export natural gas from Canada natural gas pipelines, exports, Canada, United States
2019-11-20 The pulp and paper sector uses less energy and produces less material than it did 20 years ago electricity, natural gas paper, pulp, demand, manufacturing, Canada
2019-11-13 Canada’s gasoline prices in summer 2019 were lower than summer 2018 oil crude oil, gasoline, price
2019-11-06 Wind turbines in Canada have increased in both size and generation capacity renewables, electricity  wind, turbines, capacity, Canada
2019-10-30 Alberta’s production limits impact large oil producers the most oil  crude oil, oils sands, production, Alberta
2019-08-27 Becoming the Canada Energy Regulator – Building on 60 years of Energy Information electricity, natural gas, oil  energy information
2019-08-21 Household expenditures on energy are highest in Atlantic Canada electricity, natural gas, oil energy cost, biomass, Canada, diesel, gasoline
2019-08-14 Canadian natural gas production, and British Columbia’s share of it, is expected to continue growing natural gas Montney, British Columbia, production
2019-08-07 Quebec’s gasoline market is one of the largest in Canada oil gasoline, Quebec, supply, prices
2019-07-31 How does Canada rank in terms of vehicle fuel economy? oil Canada, vehicles, GHG emissions, gasoline
2019-07-24 The NEB projects increased propane production from natural gas processing NGL propane, supply, exports, imports, Canada
2019-07-17 New propane export terminal in British Columbia allows Canadian propane direct access to Asian markets NGL propane, exports, Canada
2019-07-10 Ethane potential from natural gas production is significant and is expected to continue to grow in Canada NGL ethane, natural gas, supply, Canada
2019-06-26 Average electric vehicle range almost doubled in the last six years electricity electric vehicles, range, Canada
2019-06-19 Canada’s energy and emissions intensities have been declining for decades oil, natural gas, electricity emissions, Kaya Identity, Paris Agreement, Canada, GDP
2019-06-12 Crude Oil – One of Canada’s top exports is also one of the most globally traded commodities oil crude oil, prices, exports, Canada
2019-06-05 Levelized costs of driving EVs and conventional vehicles electricity, oil gasoline, electric vehicles, Canada, cost, trucks
2019-05-29 How much crude oil does Canada export by marine vessel and where does it go? oil crude, exports, marine, Canada
2019-05-22 Canada’s agricultural sector is using less energy per dollar of economic output oil, natural gas, renewables, electricity agriculture, Canada
2019-05-15 Gasoline pricing and the role of Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia's gasoline supply oil gasoline, Trans Moutain, pipeline, crude oil
2019-05-08 The cost of importing crude oil has decreased oil crude oil, imports, prices
2019-05-01 Grids in transition – 50 years of global electricity supply mix trends electricity, renewables GHG, Canada, electricity grid, transition
2019-04-24 Ontario’s electricity demand continues to decrease as market demands and efficiencies evolve electricity demand, Ontario
2019-04-17 Growing heat pump adoption – how does the technology work? renewables, electricity geothermal, heat pumps, Canada
2019-04-10 Wind surpasses gas-fired power generation in Ontario electricity wind power, Ontario, gas-fired power
2019-04-03 British Columbia’s natural gas production 12% lower than expected for the fourth quarter of 2018 natural gas British Columbia, Enbridge, pipeline, rupture
2019-03-27 Electric vehicle projection shows changes in electricity and fuel demand electricity, oil vehicles, EVs, fuel type, transportation, Canada
2019-03-20 Imports of crude oil continue to decrease in 2018 oil crude oil, imports, Canada, refineries
2019-03-13 Update on Canadian LNG export facilities and licences natural gas LNG, Canada, prices, exports, licence
2019-03-06 Atlantic offshore oil production and the Law of the Sea oil offshore, Newfoundland and Labrador, Atlantic, United Nations
2019-02-27 The end of natural gas production in the Maritimes increases reliance on imports natural gas Maritime Canada, imports, natural gas, Feature Article
2019-02-20 Solar power generation in Canada is highly seasonal electricity solar, Canada, production
2019-02-13 Data centres show interest in operating in Labrador electricity bitcoin, crypo-currency, Labrador, prices, hydro
2019-02-06 Production of condensate and pentanes plus reached an all-time high in western Canada in 2018 NGL diluent, condensate, pentanes plus, oil sands, Alberta
2019-01-30 Carbon capture, utilization, and storage market developments electricity, renewables carbon capture and storage, CCS, carbon capture, utilization, and storage, CCUS, greenhouse gases, emissions, CO2, Canada
2019-01-23 Impacts of Enbridge’s BC Pipeline rupture on natural gas flows natural gas

pipeline, rupture, incident, demand, supply, British Columbia

2019-01-16 Canada’s historical GHG emissions – Update oil, natural gas, electricity GHG, Canada, demand, emissions
2019-01-09 Western Canadian crude oil supply, markets, and pipeline capacity – graph and data supplement oil crude oil, rail, pipelines, supply
2019-01-02 EVs in Canada – The hidden potential of the electric truck market oil cars, trucks, EVs, consumer preference, trend, transportation
2018-12-19 2018 North American natural gas market summary and storage update natural gas natural gas storage, demand, supply, U.S., LNG, Mexico
2018-12-12 How are energy projects financed? oil, LNG crude oil, Canada, industry, finances, LNG, Feature Article
2018-12-06 Residential solar is financially viable in some provinces and territories, but not in others renewables solar, Canada, residential, electricity, Feature Articles
2018-11-29 Electricity will play a more important role in Canada’s future energy use electricity demand, fuel, Canada
2018-11-22 The cost to install wind and solar power in Canada is projected to significantly fall over the long term electricity, renewables solar, wind, capital costs, Canada
2018-11-15 Second to Hydro, nuclear power contributes most to Canada’s grid electricity nuclear, Canada, small modular reactors
2018-11-07 Canada’s economic output and energy consumption continue to decouple oil, natural gas, electricity GDP, demand, Canada
2018-10-30 Is Halloween candy a viable fossil fuel alternative? renewables halloween, candy, fossil fuels
2018-10-24 Top U.S. destinations for Canadian crude oil exports oil crude, exports, U.S., PADDs
2018-10-17 Petrochemical products in everyday life NGL Canada, production, petrochemical products
2018-10-03 Overcoming the challenges of powering Canada’s off-grid communities electricity, natural gas Canada, off-grid, renewables, electricity, Feature Article
2018-09-26 Why do electricity rates change throughout the day in Ontario and Nova Scotia? electricity smart meters, Ontario, Nova Scotia, energy efficiency
2018-09-19 Share of truck sales are at a record high in Canada oil cars, trucks, gasoline, consumer preference, trend, transportation
2018-09-12 How much CO2 do electric vehicles, hybrids and gasoline vehicles emit? renewables, electricity, oil electric Vehicles, renewables, emissions, technology, Feature Article
2018-09-05 Canadian Coal Production Continues to Decline electricity coal, production, Canada
2018-08-29 Public transit has gained momentum in Canada in the last 20 years oil transportation, Canada, gasoline, commuting, public transit
2018-08-22 Crypto-currency mining is booming in Canada. Here is why. electricity bitcoin, crypo-currency, Quebec, Manitoba, hydro
2018-08-15 What is Pipeline Apportionment? oil pipeline capacity, apportionment
2018-08-08 How does a refinery turn crude oil into products like gasoline and diesel? oil crude oil, refinery, refining, Canada, production, gasoline, RPPs
2018-08-01 Investment in Canada’s oil and gas sector declined from 2014 high oil, natural gas CAPEX, investments, Canada, oil price
2018-07-26 What is in your residential natural gas bill? natural gas Canada, price, pipeline
2018-07-18 Vehicle emissions standards will reduce gasoline use oil gasoline, emissions standards, Canada, U.S., demand
2018-07-11 Why does Canada import natural gas, while being a major exporter? Location, location, location! natural gas imports, exports, Canada, U.S.
2018-07-04 Canada’s 1st refinery in over 30 years comes online near Edmonton, Alberta with greener technology oil refinery, Canada, RPPs
2018-06-27 Newfoundland joins the interconnected North American electricity grid electricity powerlines, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, U.S., imports, exports
2018-06-20 Which cities have the highest solar potential in Canada? electricity, renewables solar, Canada
2018-06-13 Crude exports by rail reach a 3 year high oil exports, crude by rail, Canada, U.S.
2018-06-06 Below average natural gas storage inventories heading into the summer season natural gas storage, heating degree days, Canada, U.S.
2018-05-30 Canadian gasoline prices rise to highest level in over 3 years oil gasoline, prices, Canada
2018-05-23 Where does Canada store natural gas? natural gas demand, Canada, storage, United States
2018-05-16 What is the difference between Canadian and U.S. benchmark crudes? oil  prices, crude oil, benchmark price, North America, Canada, United States
2018-05-09 Ontario and Quebec are among the leaders in North American wind power capacity electricity, renewables wind capacity, Canada, United States
2018-05-02 Geology trumps technology, how improved technology is not enough to increase lifetime production of new wells in the Shaunavon Formation oil Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, formation, crude oil, technology, Feature Article
2018-04-25 Evolving technology is a key driver of performance in modern gas wells: a look at the Montney Formation, one of North America’s biggest gas resources natural gas Montney, technology, resources, North America, Feature Article
2018-04-25 Technological advancements significantly increase peak production in Viking oil wells oil natural gas, Canada, wells, production
2018-04-18 Canadian propane exports to Mexico leap eight-fold in 2017 NGL exports, Canada, Mexico, propane
2018-04-11 Canada’s refining capacity increases, despite fewer refineries oil refined petroleum products, RPPs, refinery, Canada, crude oil
2018-04-04 Quebec leads Canada in zero-emission vehicle policy electricity, oil zero-emission vehicle, emissions, carbon policy, Quebec, Canada
2018-03-28 Canada’s LNG imports dropped 88% since 2011 natural gas  LNG, Canada, imports, Canaport
2018-03-21 Why is Ontario’s electricity demand declining? electricity  demand, Ontario, energy efficiency
2018-03-14 Natural gas coming into Canada from New York, U.S. natural gas pipelines, Canada, U.S., TransCanada, imports, Appalachia
2018-03-07 Imports of crude oil decreased in 2017 oil crude oil, imports
2018-02-28 Increasing western Canadian non-oil sands oil production varies by province oil conventional oil, tight oil, shale oil, production, Canada
2018-02-21 Steady growth for heat pump technology renewables, electricity geothermal, heat pumps, Canada
2018-02-14 Roses are red, natural gas flames are blue, heat rises, and Canadian natural gas production does too natural gas WCSB, Canada, production
2018-02-07 Major crude oil rail loading terminals in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin oil crude oil, WCSB, crude by rail, production
2018-01-31 Oil Sands Bitumen Production will continue to grow to 2040 oil oil sands, production, price, Canada, Alberta
2018-01-24 Why do Canadians use so much oil? oil OECD, Canada, demand, transportation
2018-01-17 Growing electric vehicle incentives in Canada electricity electric vehicles, Canada, carbon policy
2018-01-10 Economics of Duvernay Shale natural gas, oil supply, prices, WCSB, Canada, resources
2018-01-03 Can you guess how we generate electricity? oil, natural gas, renewables, electricity Canada, demand
2017-12-27 Canada’s historical GHG emissions oil, natural gas, electricity GHG, Canada, demand, emissions
2017-12-21 Year in Review 2017 oil, natural gas, renewables, electricity review, Canada, demand, production, prices
2017-12-19 Santa Claus to phase out coal in holiday operations renewables coal, Christmas, GHGs
2017-12-13 50 years of Energy Futures oil, natura gas, electricity production, demand, Canada, technology, coal
2017-12-07 Industry shapes energy use across Canada oil, natural gas, electricity demand, production, Canada
2017-11-29 How have expectations for Canada’s fossil fuel use and crude oil production changed? oil, natural gas, electricity Canada, fossil fuel, demand, prices
2017-11-22 EF2017 Fossil Fuel Consumption Projection Varies by Fuel and Region oil, natural gas, electricity coal, Canada, fossil fuel, demand
2017-11-15 Canadian wood pellet exports grew 46% between 2015 and 2016 electricity, renewables biomass, coal phase out, Canada, British Columbia
2017-11-10 Canada's energy use grows, but energy intensity declines oil, natural gas, renewables, electricity demand, GHG, Canada
2017-11-01 Canada expected to use less fossil fuels starting in 2020 oil RPPs, natural gas, crude oil, Canada, demand, fossil fuel, GHG
2017-10-26 Canada’s electricity sector will get even greener electricity, renewables solar, wind, generation, Canada
2017-10-18 Energy’s Share of Canadian Imports Growing Again oil, natural gas, electricity imports, Canada, U.S.
2017-10-12 25 Years of Atlantic Canada Offshore Oil & Natural Gas Production oil, natural gas Atlantic Canada, offshore, production, crude oil, Feature Article
2017-10-06 LNG projects have an energy efficiency advantage compared to other LNG producers in warmer locations natural gas LNG, exports
2017-09-26 The Duvernay Shale in Alberta has significant potential for oil and natural gas oil, natural gas Duvernay Shale
2017-09-20 Energy’s Share of Canadian Exports Growing Again oil, natural gas, electricity, exports U.S., Canada
2017-09-13 Why do gasoline prices differ across Canada? oil Canada
2017-09-06 Alberta wholesale electricity prices in 2017 set record for number of $0 hours electricity, renewables electricity, renewables, Alberta
2017-08-30 Fuel poverty across Canada – lower energy efficiency in lower income households electricity, natural gas, oil fuel poverty, energy efficiency, demand
2017-08-21 Impacts of a solar eclipse on solar generation electricity, renewables solar, generation, eclipse, U.S., Canada
2017-08-16 Canadian electricity exports to the U.S. focused on renewable power exports to specific markets electricity imports, exports, renewable energy, U.S.
2017-08-09 What products are created from the oil processed in Canadian refineries? oil refineries, gasoline, RPPs, crude oil
2017-08-02 Northern Canada rich in natural gas resources, but current production continues to decline natural gas production, prices, trade, Yukon, Northwest Territories
2017-07-26 Top producing countries accounting for higher percentage of world oil output oil production, crude oil
2017-07-20 Canada's LNG Landscape natural gas LNG, exports
2017-07-18 Canada’s market and regulatory structures have kept Canadians well supplied with natural gas natural gas Canada, market, supply, regulation, Feature Article
2017-07-12 Western Canadian petrochemical demand for ethane at an all-time high NGL petrochemical industry, demand, ethane, Alberta
2017-07-05 Some Canadian provinces have already met their 2030 GHG emissions targets oil, natural gas, electricity GHGs, Paris Accord, emissions, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, climate policy
2017-06-29 Canadian innovations continue to shape the future of energy electricity, oil, renewables solar, nuclear, fuel cells, storage, Canada, Feature Article
2017-06-28 Canada’s electricity exports rise to record levels in 2016, but revenue declines electricity exports, prices, revenue, B.C., U.S., Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba
2017-06-21 Greenhouse gas emissions associated with residential electricity consumption vary significantly by province and territory electricity GHG, demand
2017-06-14 Canadian tight oil production decreased after 2014 due to less drilling activity crude oil rig activity, WCSB, producers, production
2017-06-07 Canada’s nuclear energy output ranked 6th in the world electricity nuclear, Ontario
2017-06-01 Growing battery demand spurs changes in global lithium markets electricity, renewables storage, batteries, lithium
2017-05-30 Understanding the Regulation of Gasoline Prices in Atlantic Canada oil Atlantic Canada, gasoline, prices, regulation, Feature Article
2017-05-24 Reliance of Canadian energy producers on U.S. markets varies by commodity crude oil, natural gas, electricity, NGL U.S., exports
2017-05-17 Canadian electricity prices generally increasing faster than inflation, but trends vary among provinces electricity prices
2017-05-10 Saskatchewan heavy oil production relatively stable despite lower oil prices oil production, SAGD, crude oil, mining, Saskatchewan
2017-05-03 Canada’s global ranking in renewable power generation renewables, electricity wind, hydro, solar, biomass, geothermal
2017-04-26 Fewer natural gas companies operating in western Canada due to technological changes natural gas rig activity, production, WCSB
2017-04-19 Natural gas plays an important role in Alberta’s oil sands natural gas oil sands, demand, crude oil, mining, Alberta
2017-04-12 Canada’s power generation: switching from coal to natural gas electricity coal, natural gas, generation, GHG
2017-04-05 Value of Canada’s net energy exports declined again in 2016 oil, natural gas, electricity exports, price
2017-03-29 Canadian coal production hits 30 year low electricity coal, production
2017-03-22 Canada’s role in meeting U.S. crude oil and natural gas demand oil, natural gas exports, U.S., supply, demand
2017-03-15 Electricity exports from B.C. to California are increasing electricity renewables, hydro, exports, U.S.
2017-03-08 Maritimes natural gas production and exports decline in 2016 natural gas exports, imports, Maritimes, offshore, LNG
2017-03-02 Canadian crude exports reach new highs towards the end of 2016 oil crude oil, exports, U.S., pipelines, rail
2017-02-21 Canadian crude oil imports from the U.S. decline in 2016, overseas imports increase oil crude oil, imports, U.S.
2017-02-16 Explaining the high cost of power in northern Canada electricity NWT, Nunavut, Yukon, prices, biomass, LNG
2017-02-08 Power generation from large solar farms in Ontario almost doubled in 2016 renewables, electricity Ontario, solar
2017-02-01 Canadian oil production outside Alberta showing different trends oil crude oil, exports, Canada, production
2017-01-25 Montney gas wells increasingly productive due to technological improvements natural gas rig activity, WCSB, production
2017-01-18 Western Canadian propane prices recover in 2016 NGLs propane, crude oil, prices, exports, industries pétrochimiques
2017-01-13 2016 Review: Major pipeline deals dominate energy mergers and acquisitions oil, natural gas pipelines, U.S., Mexico
2017-01-12 2016 Review: Western Canada’s ultimate potential for natural gas jumps natural gas rig activity, production, WCSB
2017-01-11 2016 Review: Oil prices hit 13-year low in January 2016, double by end of year oil crude oil, prices, U.S.
2017-01-10 2016 Review: Short-lived effect on crude oil exports due to the Fort McMurray wildfire oil oil sands, crude, Alberta, exports
2017-01-04 Natural gas markets experience significant highs and lows in 2016 natural gas prices
2016-12-28 Fireplaces – great for ambiance, not so great for energy efficiency natural gas demand, fireplace
2016-12-21 Reindeer are (by far) the most energy efficient way to deliver presents Renewables  
2016-12-15 Evolving trends in the global trade of propane and butane NGL propane, butane, trade
2016-12-08 Canadian electricity generation projected to evolve toward lower emission fuel sources electricity, renewables capacity, demand
2016-11-30 Canada’s drilling-rig fleet reflects a decade of economic and technical changes oil, natural gas rig activity, WCSB
2016-11-23 Household energy expenditures highest in the Atlantic region, lowest in British Columbia electricity, natural gas, oil demand, domestic use
2016-11-16 Vastly different trajectories for crude oil production in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico over the last 25 years oil crude, production, U.S., Mexico, North America
2016-11-09 Regulations and market conditions driving Canada-U.S. biofuel trade oil, renewables fuel, gasoline, imports, exports, U.S., biofuel
2016-11-02 Major household appliances now significantly more energy efficient electricity energy demand, electricity prices
2016-10-25 Western Canadian drilling activity falls more than 75% from two years ago oil, natural gas WCSB, rig activity, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling
2016-10-19 Pumped-storage hydro – the largest form of energy storage in Canada and a growing contributor to grid reliability electricity, renewables storage, batteries, hydro
2016-10-11 Where does Canada’s crude oil and natural gas go? oil, natural gas imports, exports, U.S.
2016-10-05 Expanded Panama Canal brings new competition to Asia-Pacific LNG market even with low Asian LNG prices LNG natural gas, exports, U.S.
2016-09-29 In 2016, summer Canadian gasoline prices fell to their lowest level since 2010 oil fuel, gasoline, energy use
2016-09-21 Canadian propane exports growing and heading further west NGL exports, US, propane
2016-09-15 Crude oil price downturn has varied economic impact across Canada oil, gas, electricity GDP
2016-09-07 Canadian carbon capture and storage projects will soon sequester up to 6.4 million tonnes of CO2 per year oil, gas, electricity GHG emissions
2016-08-31 Fort McMurray wildfires lead to lower refinery utilization rates and higher crude oil imports oil refineries
2016-08-24 Decreasing GHG intensity of electricity generation reflects changes within the power sector electricity GHG
2016-08-18 Alberta cogeneration capacity has grown significantly in the last 15 years, led by oil sands projects oil, natural gas oil sands, cogeneration, crude, imports, refineries
2016-08-11 Understanding the Regulatory Process for Oil and Gas Exports oil Canada, crude oil, natural gas, exports, regulation, Feature Article
2016-08-10 Lower costs, better technology, and provincial policies are helping grow Canada’s small fleet of electric vehicles electricity, oil GHG, driver demographics, fuel
2016-08-03 Canadian tidal power capacity fourth in the world, with potential to add up to 7 000 MW more electricity, renewables tidal power, capacity
2016-07-27 Alberta wind farms generate more power at night when demand is low and receive lower prices electricity, renewables wind power, electricity prices
2016-07-20 Batteries Dominate Early Stage Testing for Energy Storage in Canada electricity, renewables storage, batteries
2016-07-14 Increased GHG emissions from the transportation sector reflect major consumer and business trends oil GHG emissions, driver demographics, gasoline
2016-07-06 Canada’s Bioenergy Industry in Transition electricity, renewables bioenergy, biomass
2016-06-29 Lower Canadian diesel demand a reflection of downturns in the mining and oil and gas sectors oil rig activity, demand, RPP, diesel
2016-06-22 Canada – 2nd in the world for hydroelectric production renewables, electricity hydroelectricity
2016-06-15 Even with LNG, net pipeline exports of natural gas expected to decline natural gas pipelines, LNG, exports
2016-06-08 Northeast U.S. pipeline expansions continue to impact Canadian natural gas exports natural gas exports, pipelines, U.S.
2016-06-01 Value of Canada’s net energy exports declined by over one-third in 2015 oil, natural gas, electricity exports, price
2016-05-24 Total renewable capacity, led by wind energy, to grow considerably in the near-term electricity, renewables Energy Futures, wind power, biomass, capacity, solar
2016-05-18 Effect of gasoline prices on summer driving season demand in Canada unclear oil fuel, gasoline, energy use
2016-05-12 Impacts of the Fort McMurray wildfires on Canadian crude oil production oil crude, production, oil sands
2016-05-06 Gas processing margins low despite low natural gas prices NGL propane, butane, prices
2016-04-29 Understanding the Production, Transport, and Refining of Crude Oil in Canada oil crude oil, production, transport, refining, Canada, Feature Article
2016-04-27 Demand for propane in Alberta could look considerably different by 2020 NGL propane, petrochemical industry
2016-04-22 Canadian crude oil exports hit record in 2015 led by higher deliveries to the U.S. Gulf Coast oil U.S., exports, crude, refineries
2016-04-14 Abundant natural gas storage due to warm winter natural gas storage, prices, U.S.
2016-04-07 Oil and natural gas production resilient despite price declines oil, natural gas rig activity, prices, production
2016-04-01 Carbon pricing policies are active or proposed in provinces generating more than 80% of Canada’s GHG emissions electricity, renewables GHGs
2016-03-24 New wells will comprise up to 1/3 conventional, tight, and shale oil production in western Canada by end of 2017 oil rig activity, WCSB, producers
2016-03-17 2015 a Record-Setting Year for Canadian Electricity Exports electricity exports
2016-03-10 Commercial and Institutional Buildings in Canada becoming Greener renewables LEED, energy demand
2016-03-02 Record high crude oil imports from the U.S. push Canadian oil imports to a three year high oil crude oil, imports
2016-02-25 Estimates of Canadian crude by rail movements show a peak in October 2015, roughly one quarter of total loading capacity oil crude oil, rail, pipelines, supply, transportation, Feature Article
2016-02-25 Limited pipeline capacity could lead to nearly 1.2 MMb/d crude-by-rail exports by 2040 oil pipelines, crude oil, exports, rail
2016-02-18 15 energy market highlights of 2015 oil, natural gas, electricity, renewables imports, exports, prices
2016-02-10 Passenger vehicle annual export value in 2015 surpasses crude oil for first time since 2007 oil exports
2016-02-04 Alberta's wholesale electricity price reached a record low in 2015 electricity Alberta, prices
2016-01-28 PEI and Nova Scotia leading Canada in share of wind generation electricity, renewables wind power, capacity, generation
2016-01-21 Fewer wells account for majority of natural gas production in western Canada natural gas rig activity, WCSB, gas producers
2016-01-13 Trucks Account for Larger Share of New Vehicle Sales oil  fuel, energy use, driver demographics, gasoline, diesel
2016-01-06 Imported value of natural gas liquids surpasses export value in 2015 NGL imports, exports, pipelines
2015-12-22 LED Christmas lights are cost and energy saving compared to incandescent electricity, renewables LEDs
2015-12-17 British Columbia Uses its Hydro System to Maximize Gains from Electricity Trade electricity, renewables British Columbia, U.S., electricity, price, trade, Feature Article
2015-12-15 Oil Sands Production to Increase, but Effects of Low Oil Prices are Evident oil oil sands, production
2015-12-10 Cold Weather in the East and Warm Weather in the West impacted Canada’s 2015 Energy Demand natural gas, electricity demand
2015-12-02 Western Canada's 2015 Oil and Gas Land Sale Revenues could be Lowest in Decades oil, natural gas land sales, Alberta
2015-11-25 Canadian Crude-by-Rail Exports Rebound in Q3 2015 oil crude oil, exports, rail
2015-11-19 Ontario Ramps up Goals for Electricity Savings electricity, renewables Ontario, conservation, Long-term Energy Plan
2015-11-16 30th Anniversary of the Deregulation of Canada’s Natural Gas Prices natural gas Canada, price, markets, Alberta, Feature Article
2015-11-10 Major Producers Continue to Dominate Western Canadian Crude Oil Production oil WCSB, oil producers
2015-10-29 Saskatchewan to Supply nearly Half of Western Canadian Conventional, Tight and Shale Oil by 2017, as Overall Western Canadian Deliverability Falls oil WCSB, producers
2015-10-21 Summer Rig Activity in Western Canada Reaches Lowest Level since 2009 oil, natural gas rig activity, WCSB, producers
2015-10-14 Global Decline in Rig Activity Led by Canada and the U.S. oil, natural gas rig activity, global oil price
2015-10-08 Large Mid-size Companies Rival Major Producers in Share of Tight Gas Production from Western Canada natural gas WCSB, gas producers
2015-09-30 Quebec-Ontario Power Sharing Agreement Supports Nuclear Refurbishments electricity, renewables nuclear, Ontario, Quebec, capacity sharing
2015-09-23 Mid-size Producers play Increasingly Important Role in Western Canadian Natural Gas Market natural gas WCSB, gas producers
2015-09-16 Decreasing Canadian Natural Gas Exports to the U.S. Midwest and East Regions natural gas pipelines, U.S., export
2015-09-09 Ontario Refineries Shift from Foreign to Domestic Supply since 2000 oil Ontario, refineries, crude, imports, Enbridge
2015-09-02 Rising Wood-Pellet Boiler Capacity in the NWT Highlights Biomass Adoption as Heating Fuel electricity, renewables Biomass, NWT, refined petroleum products
2015-08-27 East Coast LNG Projects Tackle Competition and Supply Challenges LNG natural gas, exports, imports, Maritimes, liquefaction facilities
2015-08-20 Electricity from Canadian Non-Emitting Sources Qualify Under the U.S. EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan electricity, renewables exports, hydro-electricity, CPP, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2015-08-05 Exports of North American Propane on the Rise NGL Exports
2015-07-29 Deep Panuke moves to seasonal production and lowers reserves due to water influx natural gas Maritimes, gas supply, imports
2015-07-22 Average Initial Production Rates of Natural Gas Wells in Western Canada at a 14-year High natural gas WCSB, rig activity
2015-07-15 Canadian 2014 Energy Export Revenues Reached a Record High of $129 Billion oil, natural gas, electricity, renewables imports, exports, prices
2015-07-09 The Alliance Pipeline’s rising heat content highlights its unique role in Canadian natural gas exports natural gas Alliance, pipelines, natural gas liquids
2015-06-30 Canadian Gasoline Prices Track Brent Closer than WTI oil WTI, Brent, gasoline
2015-06-24 Increased Horizontal Drilling in Western Canada oil, natural gas WCSB, rig activity, oil, gas, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling
2015-06-19 Natural Gas Deliverability Expected To Outpace Demand Growth from 2015-2017 natural gas demand, supply, deliverability
2015-06-09 Western Canadian Rig Activity Switches From Oil-directed to Gas-directed Drilling oil, natural gas WCSB, rig activity, oil, gas, condensate
2015-06-04 Crude-by-Rail Exports Decline in First Quarter 2015 oil crude oil, exports, rail
2015-05-26 Large Shale Oil Reservoirs discovered in Mackenzie Plain, NWT oil shale oil, NWT, unconventional, Mackenzie Plain
2015-05-19 Western Canadian Propane Inventories at Record Highs, Prices at Edmonton see Record Lows NGLs propane, storage, prices, U.S.
2015-05-12 Younger Generations Driving Less, Impacts Fuel Demand Forecasts oil fuel, energy use, driver demographics, gasoline, diesel
2015-05-05 In-Situ Oil Sands Producers More Efficient, Using Less Steam per Barrel in 2014 oil, natural gas natural gas, oil, steam oil ratio, SOR, in-situ technology, demand
2015-04-28 Canadian Oil Exports Reached 3.11 million b/d in January 2015 oil exports, U.S.
2015-04-21 Enbridge’s Market Access Programs Part II: Capacity on the Canadian Mainline could reach 2.89 Million barrels per day by 2018 oil pipelines, Enbridge, expansion projects
2015-04-14 Enbridge’s Market Access Programs Part I: Enbridge Completes $10 Billion in Projects in 2014 oil pipelines, Enbridge, expansion projects
2015-03-26 Oil Sands Production Likely to Continue Growing in the Short Term oil oil sands projects, bitumen, capacity
2015-03-19 Appetite for Domestic Crude Oil Increasing at Canadian Refineries oil refineries, imports, pipelines
2015-03-12 Canadian Electricity Export Revenue Rebound Continues in 2014 electricity, renewables exports, imports, electricity prices, hydro-electricity
2015-03-05 Canadian LNG Projects Face a Competitive Global Market LNG natural gas, North America, exports, global market, demand
2015-02-26 Wind continues to Gain Power in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta in 2014 electricity, renewables wind power, capacity, ecoEnergy program, energy credits
2015-02-24 Small-Scale LNG Plants Strategically Located to Meet Emerging Domestic LNG Demand LNG natural gas, liquefaction facilities, demand, small scale LNG
2015-02-12 Conventional Oil Drilling Activity in Western Canada Down 60 per cent year-over-year oil conventional oil, rig activity, wells, oil sands
2015-02-05 Pipelines Transitioning to Bring More U.S. Natural Gas to Ontario and Quebec natural gas imports, pipelines, open season
2015-01-29 Declining Solar Panel Costs Result in Record Capacity Additions electricity, renewables solar power, U.S.
2015-01-22 U.S. Crude Oil Production Reaches 9 Million Barrels per day oil crude oil, tight oil, U.S., global oil price
2015-01-15 Canadian Natural Gas Exports in 2014 on Pace to be the Lowest since 1994 natural gas exports, U.S.
2014-12-11 Continuing High Prices in the Maritimes' Distinct Natural Gas Market natural gas demand, Maritimes
2014-12-04 The Impact of Sustained Low Oil Prices in the NEB's Energy Futures Report oil oil prices, Energy Futures
2014-11-27 NWT is estimated to have 16.4 Tcf of discovered gas and 1.2 billion barrels of discovered oil oil, natural gas NGLs, NWT
2014-11-20 The Canadian Propane Market's Recovery from the Polar Vortex NGL propane, Polar Vortex, U.S.,
2014-11-13 Canadian Crude Oil Imports Decline oil crude oil, imports
2014-10-30 LNG Imports by Truck LNG imports, truck, fuel-swtiching
2014-10-23 Canadian Tight Oil Production Update oil tight oil, WCSB, horizontal drilling
2014-10-23 Crude Oil Exports by Rail oil crude oil, exports, rail
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